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the fairy tale which kuroko plays by s-haa the fairy tale which kuroko plays :icons-haa:s-haa 847 136 Get well soon Gongchannie by Hdola Get well soon Gongchannie :iconhdola:Hdola 3 2 My Lovely Gongchannie :3 by Hdola My Lovely Gongchannie :3 :iconhdola:Hdola 8 1 B1A4 Sandeul by eLfanka B1A4 Sandeul :iconelfanka:eLfanka 11 2 B1A4 Jinyoung by eLfanka B1A4 Jinyoung :iconelfanka:eLfanka 18 5 Baby I'm Sorry by ymginete Baby I'm Sorry :iconymginete:ymginete 25 0 B1A4 by kartikatjanglovejs B1A4 :iconkartikatjanglovejs:kartikatjanglovejs 49 27 Beautiful Target by jinscloud Beautiful Target :iconjinscloud:jinscloud 24 18 GongChan by nday GongChan :iconnday:nday 19 2 B1A4 loves you :D by ychen183 B1A4 loves you :D :iconychen183:ychen183 84 9 'cursor' Chibi B1A4 by annisaretry 'cursor' Chibi B1A4 :iconannisaretry:annisaretry 68 7 B1A4 by blingyeol B1A4 :iconblingyeol:blingyeol 175 78 Kiss Me Now by Soondie Kiss Me Now :iconsoondie:Soondie 15 3 B1A4 poster 1 by aznpickle27 B1A4 poster 1 :iconaznpickle27:aznpickle27 11 1 B1A4 - OK Wallpaper by LadyQiao B1A4 - OK Wallpaper :iconladyqiao:LadyQiao 90 9




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This new band deserves all the love it can get! These guys don't just have the looks, talent and voice, but they are also extremely funny.
B1A4 Fighting~!

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Apr 27, 2011


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Hello! It's been a while!XDD at last B1A4's going to take care of babies XDD can't wait <3


    Boy group B1A4 has been cast as the main characters of KBS‘s variety show ‘Hello Baby’ Season 6!

    On July 5th, KBS’s CP Lim Yong Hyun reported that B1A4 has started the photo shoot for their ‘Hello Baby’ season 6 profile shots. The soon-to-be-fathers are preparing for this season’s concept of “Hello Family’s Seoul Sightseeing”.

    Lim Yong Hyun clarified, “The plan is to have B1A4 along with two children aged five years old, to travel around Seoul in order to embark on the process of mastering [and fully understanding] the city.”.......

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Musicstar128 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
I have English Cover Lyrics of B1A4's song, Baby I'm Sorry
What folder should I submit it into? ^^;
booknerd99 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
HOLD on i'll make a literature folder and u can put it in there :D
Musicstar128 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
Thank you~ :meow:
booknerd99 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
TomoDomoMomo Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Can you help AD an Asian Collage Role Play?
Just make a blog titled:
~Seoul Crystal Collage Of Mastery~
And post this, thank you if you can: :)


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen~
Welcome to your school~
This shall be your home for the next years~
Every nation of Asian are welcome here~
Please no bulling of any kind~
All male students shall~
Go to Headmaster for everything~
All female students shall~
Go to Headmistress for everything~
Please no secrets among this school~
Also no children, we are all adults here~
Please tend classes, study hard and be good~
Our Grades are as followed~
Grade 13: Ages 17-19
Grade 14: Ages 19-21
Grade 15: Ages 21-13
Grade 16: Ages 23-25

Our Mission:
To Help Our Students Grow Into Amazing Adults!

Dear Students,
We here at Seoul’s Crystal Collage of Mastery want to welcome you to our college where we hope to help you prepare for your future. Our school has be rated the highest in Seoul, and we are proud to have you join us to learn and grow.

Your Headmasters
Lee Jieun and Sanghyun Park

Join our new collage base kpop roleplay! We’ll be opening soon! ^^
Yes I know the greeting letter was cheese and heck… OTL
TomoDomoMomo Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Can you help AD a Yaoi Role Play? Just make a blog titled:
~Between Love & War~
And post this, thank you if you can :) :


It's been going on for MILLIONS of years, the war~

Between Undead and Undead, God and God, Lord and Lord~

Lycans took a stand from their Masters the Vampires~

The war is never ending, brother killing brother~

But than a new being comes to life…Hybrids…

The child of the ultimate forbidden love!

The mix bread of Vampire & Lycan~

The one thing that might end the ever going war?

Or the one thing to make it all worse?

Can a love so strong that it withholds a child,

Become the end of war, or the start of a new war?

Forbidden Love, Forbidden Children, Secret True Love,

Forever Hidden?

You decide your own fate…



As free as the wild through the trees, the water through the river, and the love in the of those left forever warm, we Lycans will raise up and become free from the grasp of the Masters of the Vampire! We are Lycans! We are not dogs! We will not let the Vampires use us as Slave Dogs any more! We are Lyrcans! If we stand together! We'll rule!



We are the rightful rulers! We feed of the blood of the living! We rule over the animals known as Lycan! We will not stand here and let the living think! They are not owned by the Vampires! We are forever, and we will be the Masters forever! We will not bow down to anyone! We are Vampires!



We are born of our worlds enemy, We are born of our worlds greatest sin, Should we all die, why are we alive, we are the worlds biggest enemies child, our parents tell us we are the end of the war…Are we really? Now I'm not so sure, maybe because we are the mix of strength we are weakest? Maybe we are born to be this scared, but we will become brave and take a stand…Maybe, when the time is right!!!



Vampires = Uke & Birth Givers

Lycans = Seme & Seed
TomoDomoMomo Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hello ><;
Sorry to ask this but I was wondering if you can help me out?
I have a B1A4 FaceBook RolePlay.
And I'm looking for people to join.
><; We have Sandeul and Jinyoung(me) already though.
But I was thinking cause it's rather hard to pick.
For someone to be someone, Twin Roles would be fine.
So at this moment we need: CNU, Baro and Gongchan.
And than Twin Roles, like one of all five again would be fine.
Just asking if you can do whatever you can to help.
Us find people willing to role play is all I'm asking.
Thank you very much for your time either way ^-^
~B1A4 Fighting~
creatief2 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm making a website that is purely about the boys in the KPOP world.
superstars as rookies. just to tell everyone how great they are

The website gonna have:
- Informing how the Kpop-world works (the sharts, how dos the training go and more)
- Getting the Rookie a spotlight
- section "where is my boy" (in what drama did he play, CF ore solo's)
- Me no pedobear indication
- And more ( idees ?)

- Good english (better than me haha)
- Can dream about the boyzzzzzzzz
- Understands the kpop world (be a fan)
- Creative writing (to make it more fun to read)

i am searching more than one writer.

So please please please help

reaction to please.
Lala561 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Hi, I was wondering if any one knows why Sandeul eyes because during match up ep. 6 he had kind of an eye patch on...?
Tuddles1 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
People say he had a stye on his eye, but I'm not certain.
The patch was just to prevent touching, since that would make it worse.
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